Day trip to Sepang Gold Coast Resort.

My boss (ex boss now) were able to get access to the -very expensive- Sepang Gold Coast Resort, so me and few of our fellow colleagues joined the trip and went visiting the place!


sepang 1

Long stretch of beach huts along the way. Was really hot that day as you can see…You will come across a swimming pool too! Felt like taking a dip in the pool!


The view from the pool was amazing! You could enjoy the sea view if you want to take a break from swimming. Sitting under the sun lounge, having a cup of ice-cold drink with your sunglasses on, makes it feels like Hawaii?

Of course not to forgot about the view from the rooms! It was awesome too! Can’t imagine if you were to watch the sunrise & sunsets from the room.

room view





bedThis resort is very suitable for couples especially newly-wed  couples and those who  loves the sea view! Couples can enjoy the beautiful sunrise together, take a stroll  around the  huts hand in hand and take a dive in the pool. After sunset,  they could  enjoy the breeze in the balcony and star-gazing  during the night, I believe the sky will  be filled with stars and  the view will be lovely!

Hope I could come here again someday…. Updated a few pictures taken by my colleague in Dec 2013.



If you are interested in this resort, do kindly drop by at their website at: