Serenade me Phuket…

I apologize for blogging this only now…

Anyway, this was taken about a year ago. It was our company trip to Phuket, Thailand. It was really an exciting trip for us, since we are like a family. Though we parted ways into different companies now, but we still kept in contact and joke around a lot. So looking at all this pictures, recalling the memories which is something very memorable to do.

Phuket is an island in Thailand. The waters are really clean, clear & blue! This is the kind of sea you will want to hop in and dive!

phuket (1)

The blue sky and blue waters, as if they were joined as one. Walking along the warm & beautiful sand, with a gentle touch on the feet, enough to make you happy….

The sound of the waves hitting on the shore enough to catch a person’s attention…. It was really relaxing but not forgetting to have fun on this beautiful Patong beach!



Of course, if you love sunbathing, you would definitely love this place too! For me, I would rather stay like I am now.. 😛


After a long walk on the beach, it’s time to continue with our tour… You definitely have to ride a Tuk-Tuk in Thailand! They are smaller than cars but it’s bigger than a bike (obvious isn’t it?)… How can you miss the chance to ride it only in Thailand?

Our handsome Tuk-Tuk driver and his handsome Tuk-Tuk!

Our handsome Tuk-Tuk driver and his handsome Tuk-Tuk!

It’s Fantasea next! We watch a show here, it was awesome! There are magic show, acrobats in the house, cultural show~~ Elephants too! We sat really close to stage so the sound was very loud. Due to me being kinda timid, I couldn’t bare to jump in shock everytime they “shot” the cannon! >.< 

Wrong angle!!!

After few days of tour and going here & there, everyone was so tired at the end. They might ended up sleeping in every corner, who knows?



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