Travel like Micheal Wigge.

If Santa is real, I would really hope he could bring me somewhere to see, feel and touch the snow. I am living in Malaysia, a country where we only have summer all year round. Hoping someday that I could spend at least one White Christmas together with my families and loved ones.

Returning to the topic, I got myself an e-book as a Christmas gift which I stumbled upon unintentionally on Google Play and it caught my full attention “Travel the World for Free” by Micheal Wigge. I have already finished reading the sample book, which left me with curiosities, undefinable impressiveness and astonishment of those unknown adventures, not knowing what is about to happen ahead of him. I have even checked out part 1 of his video on Youtube.

His plan is to travel to the end of the world – Antarctica without a single cent in his pocket! I was totally surprised when I read that, as in how could he go around so many countries basically with no money with him! In the book, he wrote about how he moves around places, where he sleeps, what he ate, and how he works in exchange of something.

I am not here to promote his book nor to sell anything, I was just sharing my 2 cents on a book which I think that it is a good read, as it opens up my mind about travelling is not only for the rich, with lots of planning, courage & faith, you might be able to travel like Micheal Wigge too!

Anyway, do keep an eye on my blog, I will be posting something about my previous trip this coming weekend… 🙂

So, Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful & jolly Christmas~~


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