Gaga for Gyeongpodae

A beautiful yet not too famous tourist spot in Gangneung! Maybe you can add this place into your list!


Summer in Seoul sucks. A month of monsoon rain, high temperatures and grey skies in July is followed by a month of sometimes sunny skies and 100% humidity, without rain. Yes, it is possible for it to be 100% humidity outside and NOT rain, which translates into damp clothes soaked in sweat the second you leave any manner of air conditioned comfort. I couldn’t believe it either.

To add an extra layer of dampness to an already sweaty situation, Seoul’s population seems to magically double in the summertime. In August, you couldn’t walk 3 paces without rubbing against someone else’s sweaty body in Gangnam. Eww. (Damn you and your damn song, Psy!)

Usually, we get ourselves the hell out of Seoul for a few weeks to cope, but this year, we decided to stick it out. Something about already having traveled around the world for a year…

By the time…

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