Italian holidays. Part 3. Alpes

Such stunning sceneries….

anastasia impressions diary


In Italy we stayed on the coast in Lido di Jesolo. It’s not very far from there to Alpes, maybe 2 hours driving. But it was a bit longer to the cableway that we found on google-maps… The first and the one stop for rest in our 5 HOURS ride was near a small town Pocol… And it was great! I’d never been in Alpes before and it was interesting for me what is the real smell of blooming alpine meadows (not the one that’s in washing powder box:) ) As for me alpine air was the best I’ve ever breathed, I’d like to take away some of it (the more the better) in a bottle:) Alpes are worth to visit at least for this air, and of course for fenomenal mountain landscapes too! I wanted so much to stay there in meadows for a while, to walk and lie on the…

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