Jeonju Adventures Part 1

Finding a place to escape Seoul? Head down to Jeonju!

Seoul in Black and White


Hey everybody! I’m back from Jeonju, South Korea. It was my first time to go there! I had heard many things about Jeonju before.

For example. Jeonju is famous for the Korean dishes ‘Bibimbab 비빔밥’ and ‘Bean Sprout Rice Soup 콩나물국밥’. Jeonju is located in Jeolla-do, a province in Korea known for its unique dishes.

One highlight of Jeonju is the 전주한옥마을 or Jeonju Korean Traditional Hanok Village. The houses are traditional Korean houses known as ‘hanok’. Many of these hanok are even guesthouses, so you can even stay for the night!

We asked one of these places for a room, and it seems they were charged 90,000 won for a one night stay. (!)


Here’s a photo of my man posing along the main street when we arrived. CROWDED!image

People. people everywhere! We went on June 6th, which is Korean Memorial Day. Many people don’t work on this day…

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