A Gift from 2,867 miles away

It’s just another normal Saturday, I was looking at blogs and editing my posts, suddenly a postmen appeared in front of my door while shouting “Poslaju…” (Poslaju is a National Post in Malaysia if you are wondering). I thought it was a parcel for my family, but I’m shocked to find that it was for me. I wasn’t really expecting anything so, I’m truly excited!

As mentioned in my previous post, I was selected as one of the Global Seoul Mates in the year 2014, and as promised by the Seoul government, this little gift arrived right at my doorstep! I couldn’t wait any longer before I opened the parcel, it was an awesome Adidas Climachill tee!

2014-07-19 13.43.36



It has smooth and great quality meshlike fabric and the alluminium silver dots on the back is said to conduct heat away from the body. Trying it on right away, I could instantly felt that my body heat moves slowly away, giving you a lighter and cooler feeling. Totally suits the weather in Malaysia.

The size was a perfect fit, and there’s only 1 reason to explain that, the staff actually does look into your SnS profiles carefully before selecting the candidates. At the bottom right corner of the shirt, it was printed with the word “SEOUL”, you could say that the shirt was specially ordered just for the Seoul Mates.



It’s always an honor to be selected as someone who could share the beauties about my beloved country (Seoul) to my audiences, as well as receiving such special gift from 2,867 miles away from my home country. Thank you once again Seoul Metropolitan Government.


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