The complex of Insadong

What could caught your sight more than this building? Ssamziegil (or Ssamjie Gil) built in the middle of Insadong street in 2004 by Ssamzie Co. Ltd. The huge korean alphabet “ㅆ” which is supposedly the main icon as well as the the first letter of the name of this building “ss”.



At the lower level, there are some stalls selling snacks which you can bite on, handicraft works and art products could be seen while moving up the top floors. Wheelchair and elderly friendly, sloping ramps were the main walkway instead of stairs making it easier to walk even for kids.

Surrounded by glass windowed shops, walk the ramps to the top and you will find yourself at the roof. There is even a tiny garden planted with few species of flowers at the rooftop.

Recommended to visit this complex if you are at Insadong. You can get here by subway on Line 3 (Orange) and get off Anguk Station, Exit 3 or 6.



The winding walkways of Ssamziegil



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