5 Places to eat in Seoul

Here are some great delicacies that you must try while in Seoul!


There are a lot of good food that you can find in Seoul. Here I list the best five restaurants/ fast food shops that I found earlier in July. [Sorted: price – low to high]

Isaac isaac12014-07-02 11.43.102014-07-02 11.44.26

1. Isaac food shop (chain store) –
make to order sandwiches are the best, SUPER tasty and filling! Everyone will get the fillings they want fo sho; range from cheese, ham, bacon, egg, sweet stuff and more.

koreanchickkoreanchick12014-07-01 22.47.42

2. Chir Chir / Fusion Chicken Factory (chain store) –
If you are craving for food at night, the best thing to do is to grab a few friends and go have fried chickens, drink some beer too. This restaurant opens till 3am. Staff are friendly and with a comfortable environment, you can fully enjoy you calm night here. A bonus point is that their fried chicken are freshly fried, so you will need to wait awhile. By the…

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