Global Seoul Mate 2014 – MY First Mission

Time to cut the slack, pack my lazy bones and shove it out the windows. Seoul Metropolitan Government has finally disclosed the long awaited mission for 2014 Global Seoul Mates just a few days ago. Certainly feeling anxious yet excited at the same time, this will be my very first mission from the day I had been given the honor to be a part of Seoul Mate community.

Supposed you had read my previous introduction about Seoul Mates, you might have also read about missions somewhere in between the lines. We are expected to participate in all 3 missions given throughout the year and as for this mission, it’s about MYSELF, ok, there’s no title but I personally made this up after going through the requirements and steps.

Taking a set of pictures forming the letters S, E, O, U, L that could describe your daily life.

So, here goes!


Everyone started liking something for a different reason, which is no difference from mine. I recalled slouching on the sofa one boring afternoon many years ago, a Korean drama was playing on the television, April Snow was the name, I couldn’t help being intrigued by the snow covered streets, and tree branches thickened with pure white ice layered over it while In Soo throwing snow balls at the room window trying to get Seo-Young’s attention. Little did I know, I fell deeply in love with the romantic snow-filled landscapes, and made myself a promise to visit this beautiful country someday.

Not long after, my enthusiasm took me one step further into learning the language when I eventually bought my first language book, Dummies Korean. Dummies was popular back then. Foreign cultural points and history comes as an advantage of learning languages, as to say I am exposed to an elegant touch of Hanbok suits, to how the locals bowed in respect to their elderly, the difference between noona and onnie or oppa and hyung. So, I had created an S as a beginning of the word “Seoul” with Hangeul to mark the start of my Korean journey with the Korean Language.


I set up a mouse and placed it on the laptop, creating the letter “E” that could partially described my work also my entertainment. As a blogger, these are my faithful friends, workmates and partners. I spend most of my free time at home, sitting in front of my laptop, going through different blogs on wordpress or google, collecting ideas and inspiration to start on my next article, it might take a few hours, sometimes, few days or weeks to complete one post. Do you know bloggers spent a lot of their time and effort on blogging?

Once a while I get some time off by doing some other things such as reading latest topics on Facebook and Twitter, listening to K-pop or music that will relax my mind while watching MV on Youtube etc, like any other person does, only with their smartphones at this era, correct me if there are anyone who doesn’t have social network accounts.


During the weekdays from 9am ~ 6pm, I am just a normal full time employee trying to earn money to pay my bills while surviving in this corner of the world. This image was taken at my office which seems fit to put in as an “O” for the mission. Can you imagine being surrounded by so many documents that could eventually suffocate if they were to fall on you?

Working in the accounts department dealing with monies, tallying figures, I am not afraid to admit that I actually don’t like maths or anything which got to do with numbers and hoping that I wouldn’t need to face them any longer. Nothing could win reality, harsh, merciless, you just have to work to make your living. Don’t you agree?


Do “U” love to eat? For me, I love eating whatever I wanted to, sushi, donuts, BBQ, grilled meat… Eating is my pleasure. I might be able to skip 1 or 2 meals, but living without food for a WHOLE day is gonna make me crazy, like who doesn’t right? Sometimes my stomach will growl for food during middle of the night, forcing me to wake up to hunger. Either making myself some midnight snacks to fill my hungry tummy, which will never happen since I’m a lazy bitch, or wait for the growling to stop irritates that will last forever. Could it be just me or will your empty stomach act the same as mine too?

Blessed by my family member’s skinny genes, most of them, ok, maybe all of them, are on the slim end. I felt really thankful to my parents for gifting me such genes, as I need not to worry about all the weight problems.

20140804_215304_1Last but not least, my interest.. An obvious guess isn’t it? Yep, it’s photography! Put up your hands if we have the same hobby! What inspired me to get my very first DSLR, taking the first step into the world of photography was those images of calming red maple trees lining neatly along the side roads, or the gloomy icebergs which elegantly portraying the beauty of Alaska. At the very moment, I thought to myself, will there be any chances that I could snap such stunning pictures.

Photography came to me slightly later in life, there’s a saying that goes: Better late than never. Creating the letter “L” with an equipment of a wonderful hobby which capture “life”, a straightforward yet honest way to define and show a person’s memories. Exposure to photography allows me to capture the moments, happy or sad, keeping them safe in one place where I could easily review it when I wanted to, just like how Professor Dumbledore of Harry Potter’s series used to kept and viewed his memories in a Pensieve, whenever he liked.

All in all, as part of Global Seoul Mate, I will strive to fully utilize my Korean language abilities searching and sharing about the hidden gems in Korea to everyone who shares the same love towards this charming little country.



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