MICE for business visitors to Seoul

Good news to all business visitors that are attending large scale congress in Seoul! In an attempt of developing and pre-launching of the new “Seoul MICE Card“, something like T-money but only for business visitors, this is an electronic stored-value card that one could use it for transportation as well as shopping. Design of the card is simple yet looking stylish don’t you think?


What makes it even more attractive and interesting are the discounts offered using MICE card. It varies according to different type of services, for example subway passengers may get a discount up to 10% off the normal price compared to normal card holders. You may save a load if you use their subway often. It’ll be a huge help if they were to come out with a normal visitor pass as well.

It was said that this card will be priced at 8,000 won with a value of 5,000 won in it ready to use. Unlike T-money, priced at 2,500 won without any credit inside. Currently, every attendees that participate in business congresses in Seoul will receive a welcome kit including a MICE card.

For more information, visit their webpage at http://webzine.miceseoul.com/tag/seoul-mice-card/.


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