Turtle Marathon, walk or run?

Given the name “Turtle Marathon”, would you be thinking whether it’s supposed to be running or walking? Well, it’s actually a walkathon, under the theme “Namsan Trail Walk-A-Thon with Foreign Tourists”.


The 442nd Turtle Marathon will be held on next Sunday, August 24th 2014, from the heart of the city, Namsan Mountain to Hangang River which is one of the main tourist attractions in Seoul. Using this opportunity to stroll along Namsan Trail, you get to meet friends from all over while enjoying some beautiful and historical sites around this area.

Few of these historical sites include: Guksadang, where the people of the Joseon Dynasty paid their respects to their ancestors; Bongsuje, a traditional communication system that used fire signals to send urgent messages across the city in times of great distress; and castle-like walls that line the trail. At the peak of the mountain is the famous N Seoul Tower from which walkers can take a break and enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city. Namsan also features 3 main tunnels that allow traffic to bypass some of the more mountainous areas.


Participants will start off by meeting at the National Theater of Korea and proceed along the north circular route towards Seonggwak-gil (a fortress wall along the road), giving walkers a panoramic view of the city. The August event not only gives tourists a chance to interact with the locals, but is also a more active approach to enjoying Seoul’s natural ambience, cultural heritage, and historical depth.

Seonggwak-gil at Naksan Park

Seonggwak-gil at Naksan Park

Image source: Sanghee Park

Once the walk is completed, there will be a sweepstakes event with Korea’s renowned celebrity emcee Lee Sang-Yong (nationally known as Popeye) as the main host.

»ÇºüÀÌ ÀÌ»ó¿ë¾¾/¹è¿ìÇѱâÀÚ

Since there is no prior registration nor any fees required, anyone interested in joining the event can simply show up in comfortable walking attire.

○Date: August 24th, 2014 / Starting Time @ 08:00am (Rendezvous by 07:40am)

○Location: National Theater of Korea (Namsan)

○Total Distance: 7km (Namsan Circular Route)

○Course Outline: National Theater of Korea → Namsan North Circular Route → Castle-Wall Trail → Namsan South Circular Route → National Theater of Korea

○Transportation: 15 minute walk from Dongguk Univ. Station (Line 3), Exit No. 6


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