Old faithful town of Malacca

It was way past dawn with the sun tangling up high on a beautiful Sunday morning. Yet, I wasn’t woken up by the sunlight since I slept with a pillow covering my face. I was instead woken up by my overly excited mood. Once again, feeling refreshed from a cozy sleep after a crazy long night walk in search of a place that we do not know. Not even a name of the place, nor any picture of it. Though, described by one of my friend, that special place was a building located beside the lake. Thus, we took a drive along the lakeside under the dark sky, hoping it to appear by luck or magically. But it wasn’t found anyhow. Until this day, it still keeps me wondering what were we trying to find?


Bestie looking at the awesome view outside while I tried something new.

My bestie made us a cup of Nescafe. Note to you that I don’t usually drink coffee because it could make me go hyperactive or insomnia in the night. Nevertheless, whenever I passed by a café or a coffee shop, the sweet yet bitter aroma always does the tempting, though never succeeds unless I’m on a trip or holiday. Where’s the fun when you don’t even get to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee (or a pack of instant coffee)?



While we still have some time to spare before moving out of the hotel, rather than wasting my time rolling lazily on the bed, I took out my faithful old laptop and started typing. Little did we know that it’s already time to check out. Moving our luggage into the car, we began our journey in Jonker Walk by searching for brunch in this busy town.

The sun was glaring fiercely and merciless from atop, what worried me was I did not apply any sun lotion on my body. It’s not because I’m afraid of getting tanned, rather, I’m more afraid that my tattoo will fade out when I get back home. Too late to be worrying, we were already halfway through walking by lots of tourists and shops.

Puzzled through countless narrow asphalt alleyways.

Anyway, I tried to let it cross my mind so it wouldn’t interfere with our trip. Stopping in front of a restaurant, we decided to have some food to fill our practically empty stomach. Moments later after finishing our food, we started exploring this little city on foot, walking by shops neatly lined along both sides of the streets, puzzling through countless narrow asphalt alleyways.




Taking in too much of the afternoon sun and our feet started to feel tired. Along the way, we grabbed couple of cups of Limau Ais (Lime juice with ice) and came across with a bicycle rental shop and rented 2 bikes where my bestie became a passenger, carried by the other friend of mine. It cost around RM3 per hour, rather cheap. Hopping onto a rusted red bike, I tried to balance myself not to fall off while cycling around this busy city. It’s not that I don’t know how to ride a bike, it’s just because I haven’t been riding it for a short while already.




The Mamee Hotel.

Touring this town on a bicycle was my first experience. Biking from Jonker Walk to the Maritime Museum of Malacca showcasing the inner deck of what is said to be a replica of a Portuguese ship Flora de Lamar which sunk in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. Lastly not to be missed, the Taming Sari tower where it ascends up to 80 meters above sea level that get an awesome panoramic view of Malacca.


“Alright bestie, I’m coming.”



Replica of Flora de Lamar.




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