Smart phone era. What is the largest issue for smart phone users, other than wifi? Possibly battery life?

I would love to say that you are lucky to be living in Seoul as it has announced that 5 outdoor recharging stations will be set up along the Cheonggyecheon stream. Drawing current from a collection of hydroelectric turbines embedded in the stream and will be fully charge in 2-3 hours.

If this project became a hit, it will be rolled out nationwide. A rather clever and eco friendly way of utilizing earth’s resources in my opinion, next time, there’s no more low battery excuses.


5 thoughts on “Low battery is not an excuse soon

  1. Duke Stewart

    This is pretty awesome. I remember my first smartphone purchase here included a battery charger and extra one to make sure I never had to go without. I sort of miss that, as I now only have one battery that doesn’t keep a charge. Cool stuff.


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