What Autumn looks like in Seoul

Growing up in Malaysia gave me no chance to see other seasons in this country, only summer throughout the years. No cherry blossoms, no reddish leaves, nor any white Christmas.

Fall foliage, some called it. Better known as Autumn.

It’s finally past summer in Seoul, tree leaves turning reddish yellow, rain clouds cleared off revealing the clear blue sky, leaving the gloomy weather behind.

Fall foliage, some called it. Better known as Autumn. But I would rather refer it as the season of the smelly seeds.

In Korea, Autumn starts around mid – late September to mid November. Recommend to go around late October to Early November when the foliage are at their peak, especially Nami Island.

Since young, I’ve always wondered how autumn looks like? Never for once I would not be envied by someone taking pictures of the fallen red maple leaves, or wallpapers of trees lined along the sidewalks creating an awfully calm sight to look at.



No doubt, my dream came true. Two years ago I experienced my first fall foliage, in Seoul. That’s probably one of the reason why I fell so crazily in love with this country. Deep beautiful autumn hues imprinted into my mind. They made me gasp in awe. Yes, it’s my very first autumn that I get to see in person and I’m really glad that Seoul had offered more than what we expected. Trying so hard to confine the constant “wow” and more “wow” which were struggling to escape from my mouth, I knew from then on that I would never forget how stunning the views are at Seoraksan and Nami Island.



Too sad to be true, there are always flaws no matter how beautiful something is. I remember when we came out of the bus, the first smell that hit our nose was the poop-like smell. Of course, we checked our soles making sure we didn’t stepped on any poo until later, only that we knew it was from the Gingko. I personally think it would make a great prank tool.




Where are you from and have you experienced fall foliage? How does Autumn looks like in your country? I would definitely be happy to see them.





22 thoughts on “What Autumn looks like in Seoul

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      1. Packing my Suitcase

        Yes, the autumn here is very beautiful too!! Though not all trees get red, only very feel… most of them get very yellow then fall, so every time I see the red ones I take a picture hahaha… a Brazilian girl living in Germany, thats what happens! 😀

      2. Journey Forgotten Post author

        Lol! It’s not snowing in Brazil? I didn’t know that! So many things that I didn’t know.. and I’m gonna have my 1st winter experience soon as well… hope it snow harder this year…

      3. Packing my Suitcase

        hahaha no… sometimes we have in the south, but not so much, and the snow is a bit different, I mean the consistency or something.
        Ohhh how awesome, you must be very excited about your first winter, I hope it snows a lot so you can enjoy it 😀

  2. Vivien

    I didn’t realise that ginko had such a strong scent! It’s such a pity because the shape of the leaves are adorable. That aside, Autumn looks beautiful in Seoul.

    We experience the four-seasons here in Australia too but it’s far those photos you’ve posted. On the plus side, no ginko. Hahahah!

    1. Journey Forgotten Post author

      Hahaha! I didn’t know it in the first place either until we walked passed the trees, and smell them from a distance… Yea, the leaves are cute though, just that horrible scent they had.. 😦

      Aww.. but I guess OZ has its own autumn beauty too?

      1. Vivien

        I will be careful if I’m ever in Seoul during autumn, hehe.

        I guess that is true. But personally, I think Melbourne looks its best during spring!

    1. Journey Forgotten Post author

      Thanks! Wow! That’s quite a long while! But it’s gonna be the same for me soon as well I think… 😦 yea, summer’s pretty weak this year than the previous year in korea though…


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