Global Seoul Mate Mission 3 – My Seoul

It’s time for Global Seoul Mate’s 3rd mission, which is one that I can’t wait to write about! The theme for this mission is: Time Capsule, things about Seoul that we want to remember even after a long time. So here goes mine!

Seoul, the hustle and bustle city that could never stop turning livelier every hour when the sun sets. A city with their delicious sour spicy kimchi stew and ddeokbokki, or maybe a sizzling steaming hot Ssam Gyeop Sal during the autumn and winter. A city that could never resist Soju. This is the Seoul that I have always known, and hope this culture would continue to live up to many more years ahead.




Seoul, despite being a modern city, one could find traditional architectures in the midst of the huge busy crowd, or take a visit to the royal tomb which located in the middle of Gangnam. And the stream that went through major modification and become a new spot for both locals and foreigners.





Lastly, of course, the landmark of Seoul, can be seen from most of the places in the city, N. Seoul Tower located not quite far from the crowded Myeondong, became one of the most visited spot in Seoul.




I do hope even 10 or 20 years later, these great spots and cultures would remain as a part of Seoul, and that will continue to remain in my memories..


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