Places to include in your Seoul itinerary

I’m not saying that I’m familiar-like-a-local about Seoul, but being there for a few times and also had to arrange for my so-called itinerary when I went together with my family, this is the least that I have to know.

Not to mention that numerous itinerary requests from my friends on Seoul…..


1. Cheonggyecheon Stream – This stream is connected all the way from Dongdaemun area to Gwanghwamun area. If taking a subway makes you feel sick (as in bored), you can take a slow stroll from either one of the entrance and walk to the other end while enjoying the paintings on the walls along the stream, as well as taking a rest by the stream when you feel tired.


2. Insadong – Literally the heart of the city, from here, you can find the popular Bukchon Hanok Village nearby and after a couple hours of photo-time in the village, head down to Samcheongdong area (known for coffee street for the numbers of cafes here) for a cup of coffee. Do not miss out the famous SsamJieGil too~ This is basically my favorite place to go to whenever I’m in Insadong area, though nothing much but I like to just look at the handcraft products that are put up for sale, some items are just so creative! Don’t forgot to walk till the top.


3. Myeongdong – Myeongdong, a shopping heaven for shopaholics! Hundreds of shops and boutiques at this one place. You can actually go there in the morning and still be there in the night, what should I say, too much to see here! Of course, prices compared to Hongdae and Edae area are still slightly high though.


4. Hongdae, Sinchon, Edae, Hapjeong – There are 3 Korean universities in this area which are Hongik University, Sogang University and Ehwa University. That says shopping here could be much cheaper compare to Dongdaemun and Myeongdong. Located just side by side to each other where you can actually walk to these places on foot! What else? You can visit the universities too!


5. Nami Island – It became a craze after filming Winter Sonata, and packed with tourists ever since. Slightly an hour away from Seoul by ITX train, Nami island has some awesome scenery to offer. If you’re up for a challenge, you can take a zip wire to the island from the ferry port, or just bungee jump for the sake of some adrenaline rush!


6. The 5 palaces – The 5 main palaces in Seoul are definitely not be missed when you visit Seoul, though I will recommend Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung to first time visitors. Both are no doubt very beautiful, however, the inside of these 2 palaces are so distinct. It’s never a regret to visit both and see the constructions of the buildings.


7. Seoul Tower, Namsan – Not quite far from Myeongdong, easily accessible by subway and cable car, it is by far the highest spot in Seoul where you can catch the panoramic view of the city, the popularity of Seoul Tower is not just a talk, the stunning scenery from above will just caught you in awe!

8. Everland – Slightly further from Seoul, but accessible by subway and bus, Everland is an outdoor theme park much larger than Lotte World. Due to it’s an outdoor theme park, be prepared to be stunned by its breathtaking scenery. If you’re able to contain your fear, ride the famous T-express which said to be very scary!



4 thoughts on “Places to include in your Seoul itinerary

  1. Tania Febria

    Hi im from indonesia, i’ve read ur blog.. thankyou so much for ur articles,, it help me to know korean even just a little..
    And i want to visit korea next year on 13-18 jan 2017.
    Can you help me to prepare my vacation and give me some tips please..


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