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Life time experience – Krabi, Thailand

This was actually the first time I heard about Krabi. The place was SPECTACULAR!!

Krabi is typically an island, hot sun, beautiful & lovely islands – a good place for you to visit if you plan to escape the winter.

AK862, flight to Krabi

AK862, flight to Krabi

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Serenade me Phuket…

I apologize for blogging this only now…

Anyway, this was taken about a year ago. It was our company trip to Phuket, Thailand. It was really an exciting trip for us, since we are like a family. Though we parted ways into different companies now, but we still kept in contact and joke around a lot. So looking at all this pictures, recalling the memories which is something very memorable to do.

Phuket is an island in Thailand. The waters are really clean, clear & blue! This is the kind of sea you will want to hop in and dive! Continue reading